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Andrea Hodková is a talented artist who creates unique designs on clothing and accessories. Her company, Smart Handmade, specializes in hand-painted t-shirts and other apparel, as well as handmade accessories for dolls, particularly those from the popular Rainbow High line.

4 years agoWith a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Andrea has built a successful business based on her unique designs and personalized customer service. She takes great pride in each and every piece she creates, ensuring that every customer receives a one-of-a-kind item that they can treasure for years to come.

One of the things that sets Andrea apart from other artists is her ability to work closely with her customers to create truly custom designs. Whether someone is looking for a specific color scheme or wants a certain image or quote included in their design, Andrea is happy to work with them to create a piece that is exactly what they want.

In addition to her hand-painted clothing, Andrea also creates a variety of accessories for dolls. Her handmade designs are perfect for fans of Rainbow High dolls, and she has built a dedicated following of collectors who appreciate the quality and attention to detail that goes into each of her pieces.

One of the best ways to see Andrea’s work is through her Facebook page, Smart Handmade. This page features a variety of examples of her work, including photos of her hand-painted clothing and her handmade doll accessories. Customers can also use the page to place orders and get in touch with Andrea directly to discuss their specific needs.

Overall, Andrea Hodková is a talented artist and entrepreneur who has created a successful business based on her passion for creativity and her commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of hand-painted clothing or a handmade accessory for your Rainbow High dolls, detaily you can trust Andrea to deliver something truly special.